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Connecting with your communities…with our local knowledge guide.

Welcome to Love Local Life. We’ve found the best local businesses, places for a coffee, a great meal, things to do right in your community. We’re all about making Aussie communities better connected.

LoveLocalLife is your community portal to learn, love, and find you locally what is happening in your community. A site that is hyperlocal to each of the regions it is based in where the community of locals also help in sharing information whether it be a local special, recommended check out or what’s going on and how to find it.

We aim to provide customers with a medium to grow their business, readers and consumers a means to tell their stories and connect with local businesses and community groups a voice to encourage local engagement.

The site was brought about by a dilemma experienced by not being enough relevant localised content for the community and the response has been well received.

At the core of our hopes is supporting local people and businesses through awareness, recommendations, advice and guidance but also plain old fashioned “Helping each other out” type way.

Love Local Life is all about raising awareness. It’s prompting us all to discuss important issues in the area we live in; it’s getting people to talk in a way they’ve never done before. It not only encourages folks to work as a team and build stronger community links and support systems, it has become the perfect platform for actually bringing together businesses and individuals with a vested interest in supporting each other through job opportunities, charitable causes, networking, business referrals and genuine recommendations. Naturally, these kind of introductions result in more business for those involved, which means money back into the local economy and a deepened sense of community spirit.

We hope you enjoy Love Local Life!